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At Spyglass, we will push the boundaries of technology to make your event bigger, better and more unique.

Our reputation for innovation has taken Spyglass to events all over the world, including: 

Tourism New Zealand 100% Pure Giant Rugby Ball World Tour:

  • 360 degree dome projection systems & live game broadcast
  • Auckland, Sydney, London, Paris, Tokyo

Lusofonia Games:

  • FOP (Field of Play projection – 40 projectors)
  • Goa, India

Rock in RIO (Madrid):

  • 360 degree dome projection experience
  • Madrid, Spain

Feliz Navidad:

  • Architectural projection for a Christmas show to 300,000
  • Madrid, Spain

Bacardi, Dewars Scotch Whisky:

  • Immersive experience to see how Dewars Scotch Whisky was born
  • Shanghai, Guangzhou, Athens, Moscow, Kuala Lumpur

Here is a small sample of the latest technology innovations in use at Spyglass events:

  • Free Format™ Holograms
    Holograms are a great way to break down the wall between you and your audience.
    Using variations on transparent screen technology we are able to create images that integrate seamlessly with your surroundings – such as floating logos, static or moving images.
    Combining holograms with interactive technology can be a real show-stopper – such as virtual presenters who respond and engage with the audience in real time.
  • Dome Projection
    Since developing a dome projection system for the world-famous "100% Pure New Zealand" Rugby Ball in 2007, we've been delving ever deeper into the world of spherical video projection.
    We now have a proprietary 10m inflatable dome and 1.5m bowl – which are completely portable standalone dome projection systems – and a studio uniquely equipped to storyboard, develop and produce content in the necessary pre-distorted spherical format.
    As a result, Spyglass can offer a scale of technology and experience previously inaccessible to the events market.
  • Widescreen Projection
    Widescreen projection offers the space for larger, clearer content - and more room for action to take place from one end of your venue to the other.
    Screens of 15m and 30m are a mainstay of the Spyglass repertoire. We've also produced uniquely shaped widescreens for clients - such as speech bubbles and multi-window screens – and created curved panels to custom-fit venue windows (as seen in the Auckland Museum Event Centre).
    Using mirrors and precision alignment technology, we can also make widescreen projection possible in a very small space.